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This page is for regular Croydon Folk & Blues Club patrons to put up contact details, biographies, musical requests, or anything else they would like the rest of us to know about. Please contact the hotmail address below, including any pictures, links or other media. Please do not pass on copyrighted material, including music not in the public domain.
Click here for last week's high quality live audio recordings at Ruskin House Folk and Blues Club (when available)

The Emerald Aces 29th November 2009 (Updated files 090210, a bit louder)

SoundsRed Studios (Woodmansterne) - owned and run by RH regular Denny Terrell

  Clive and Tina, 21/03/10

Dougie Field 28th Feb 2010 performs Pete Morton's "The Shepherd's Song".


Contact us:
Ruskin House Bar Telephone (UK) 020 -8688-5339

Garry Davis (club organiser) Telephone (UK) 01737-553493

e-mail: folkandbluesorg@hotmail.com

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ruskinhouse/

myspace: http://www.myspace.com/folkandbluesclub

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